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Sports and Wellness Expo Encourages Fitness

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St. Vincent Healthcare is helping the Billings community get off to a healthy start.

Alongside obesity prevention, the expo provides ways to learn new techniques in fishing, biking, and golf, while preventing injuries. The expo kicked off with three different speakers, including Dr. Dave Shenton who spoke about exercise benefits for adults. Dr. Shenton says its important to stay active, even into your golden years.

"What you might need to do before you start exercising if you haven't been, and then how to ramp it up and where you might look for help," says Shenton.

Shenton stresses that you don't have to hit the gym every day to keep fit.

"You go out and walk your dog, you carry your clubs around nine holes, you go out and wash your car and grab your kids and do it too instead of running it through a car wash," says Shenton.

In the end, the expo showcased work desks catering to different sizes of people to alleviate muscular aches. The expo ended around noon Saturday. To learn more ways to stay active, click on Connections.