KULR Dub/Transcript Request - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

KULR Dub/Transcript Request

You can download/open the Dub/Transcript form at the bottom of this page. You should have this information on your Dub/Transcript form:

*What day/date did story air?

*On which newscast did story air? 6:00AM, Noon, 5:00PM, 6:00PM, 10:00PM.

*Who narrated story?

*Anchor on set:




$25 DVD copy if request is made within 7 days of airing plus additional $3 if shipping is required.

$50 if request is made after 7 days. Footage may or may not be available.

$500 if request is for legal proceedings.

Please send completed form to:

KULR Television
2045 Overland Ave
Billings, MT 59102

Please fax request to: 406-652-8207
Allow 5-7 days for processing
Make checks out to Max Media of Montana
Questions? Phone KULR-8 at: 406-656-8000

Click HERE to download/open form.