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Billings non-profit helps first-time homebuyers

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No matter how much you have to spend, knowledge is power when it comes to buying a home. A unique non-profit in Billings called The Home Center, which is helping people make those big decisions.

The Home Center helps low and moderate-income households take a look at the basics of home-buying. The process can be intimidating for anyone, but if you've been renting or thought buying a home was not an option, The Home Center can be a place where you can get financial planning advice. It's real-world number crunching for free.

"We'll start you saving. We'll start you with some financial education, get you time to work on your credit. So basically, by the time you're ready to go house shopping, you know what you can really afford," says Amber Hofferber, director of The Home Center.

Hofferber says knowing all of the options gives a sense of confidence and a successful financial planning future. She says the process is made easier by breaking down every money decision before you buy – even planning for a crisis.
"You're prepared for maintenance. You have a rescue fund and you go in to it in a way that you can maintain your home ownership."

The Home Center specifically works with people who have never bought a home before. For more information, visit The Home Center website.

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